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Self-Defense Seminars

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Self-Defense Seminar Descriptions

All of our Self-Defense seminars are available for groups of 5 or more. Seminars can be scheduled at your location or at Finish Line Fitness Center. To inquire about availability, contact Becky at (610) 248-6486 or contact us online.

Corporate Self-Defense Seminars

Help Protect Your Company's #1 Asset!

Employers cannot afford to have one of their employees become a victim of violence - on or off the job site. Each player on the team is valuable and important to the well being of the team as a whole.

Most companies take steps to keep their employees safe and healthy through health insurance, wellness programs, and on-the-job safety training. Our self-defense seminar is one additional step companies can take to help protect their employees.

Our corporate self-defense seminar will cover awareness, body language, verbal assertiveness, use of personal items as weapons, and hand and foot techniques.

Contact us online or call (610) 248-6486 to schedule a corporate self-defense seminar for your company!

Self-Defense Course for Women

You Never Know When You'll Need It!

In today's world, you never know when you will need self-defense skills to protect yourself or even your child.

Our self-defense course teaches a safe, simple, and effective method of self-protection that really works. This unique course focuses on actions you can take to prevent conflicts and altercations from happening in the first place. This course also teaches you physical defense solutions.

Some of the topics covered during the course include:

  • Basic Awareness and Prevention Skills
  • How to Assess Danger and Make Decisions
  • Stopping Threats Using Verbal Communication
  • Hands-On Practice on a Padded Assailant

Our self-defense course can help give you the boost you need to attain goals, be more assertive, and to stand up for yourself, if needed. You will be surprised at how confident and secure you'll feel after this course. Best of all, no previous experience is necessary.

This self-defense course for women is taught by Sensei Becky Pizzolatto, a female fourth-degree black belt. Sensei Becky authored Your Best Defense column in The Whitehall-Catasauqua News.

Inquire online about our Self-Defense Course for Women or call (610) 248-6486 to schedule a Self-Defense Seminar!

Family Self-Defense Seminars

Learn How To Protect Your Family!

Self-defense starts with awareness, preparation and prevention. We teach a comprehensive self-defense course that can arm you with the tools you need to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way. When it comes to self-defense you never want to think, "It will not happen to us." Instead, you say, "I hope it never happens, but if it does we know what to do."

Let us help you be prepared and safe. Call (610) 248-6486 or contact us online for the date and time availability for our family self-defense course!

* Self-Defense seminars are not included in any membership. Additional fees apply.

Call (610) 248-6486 to schedule a Self-Defense seminar or request Self-Defense seminar information online now.

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